I'm not the only one who does this work! See this list for more options.


My workshops and presentations provide a way to educate groups about supporting trans and gender diverse people. These can be for libraries, colleges, businesses, or any other group or institution.

The prices below are for online sessions, using Zoom or whatever other platform you prefer. When it is safe to travel again, in-person sessions will be possible; fees for those will include travel expenses and time, so contact me to work out details.

  • Trans 101: This is for those who have little or no current knowledge about trans and gender diverse people. The session will cover the basics of what gender identity is, as well as how to handle common issues such as misgendering. The focus will be on the nuances and complexities of gender and how to break cisnormative habits. Participants will be given the tools and resources to learn more on their own.

    • 60-75 minute presentation, including Q&A: $250

  • Transgender inclusion for libraries: This includes elements of Trans 101, with an emphasis on the nuances and complexities of treating trans people respectfully and how to learn more about gender identity. It also covers some basic recommended practices for library workers on how to support trans and gender diverse patrons and employees. Resources will be shared for learning more about trans inclusion in specific aspects of library work.

    • 60-75 minute presentation with generalized content, including Q&A: $250

    • 2-hour interactive workshop with examples specific to your library (I'll need information about your space and policies beforehand for this one): $500

  • Transgender inclusion for a specific department or type of library work: Once employees are familiar with the basics of trans inclusion and how it relates to libraries, they can begin to address issues and strategies that relate to their area (e.g. access services or cataloging). This session is a facilitated discussion on a particular topic. It will not be a formal presentation; instead, I will offer guidance and suggest resources for library workers as they discuss their department's specific needs and goals.

    • 60-minute facilitated discussion: $150​

  • Transgender inclusion for your workplace: This includes elements of Trans 101, with an emphasis on the nuances and complexities of treating trans people respectfully and how to learn more about gender identity. The main focus is on how employees can support trans and gender diverse people in the workplace (this includes coworkers as well as customers, patrons, and/or students). Specifics will be tailored to the particular business or institution. Pricing depends on the time and the type of content; contact me for more information.

  • Other: Do you have a need not listed here? I will happily work with you to develop an appropriate session.


Are your materials and practices welcoming to trans and gender diverse people? If you haven't gone out of your way to make them so, probably not. This isn't unusual, but it does need to be fixed. Using my research on gender inclusion, as well as my personal experiences as a transgender person, I can work with you to make your systems more inclusive for people of all genders. Consultations can be anything from a quick review of a job posting to an extended conversation about an event or workplace situation.

Consultation pricing is $90 per hour, with a 30-minute/$45 minimum.

  • Hiring: Review job postings, application forms, and interview practices to help trans and gender diverse people feel more comfortable applying for jobs at your institution.

  • Language: Look over websites, policies, and other material to eliminate transphobic and cisnormative content.

  • Best practices: Discuss practices for events, spaces, and policies to create a trans-friendly environment.

  • Specific situations: Suggest how to respond to particular situations involving trans and gender diverse people.

  • Anything else: Contact me with your situation and ask! I can't help with everything, but I will work with you on anything that falls within my realm of expertise.

If you are interested in a workshop, presentation, or consultation, contact me to discuss details and pricing.