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  • Stephen G. Krueger

New pronouns! (How to use ey/em/eir)

Updated: Apr 20

Heard a Gender Reveal guest using Elverson pronouns, realized I'd never in my life actually connected with a pronoun set before, trying them out. People seem to be very puzzled about how to use them, so here is an overview. These are pronounced like they/them without the th. More information here. (He/him is still fine to use for me also.)

Subject: ey

Object: em

Possessive adjective: eir

Possessive pronoun: eirs

Reflexive: emself

Stephen likes to knit. Ey goes to many yarn shops, where ey buys emself much yarn. In the fall, you can find em watching hours upon hours of figure skating. Eir favorite skater is Shoma Uno; there is no wrong favorite, but this one is eirs.

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